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Experience the best of modern living at Northpark Townhomes, LLC!
Featuring our newest units at Coopers Court!

Our luxurious Coopers Court Apartments were completed in November 2022, featuring two bedrooms, two full baths, stainless steel appliances, recessed lighting, granite countertops and much, much more.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enjoy the finest in apartment living!

108 Bldg_edited.jpg
We offer brand new apartments and duplexes for rent. To apply for one of our apartments, please visit the Application Form Tab to fill out an application. Once the completed application is returned, you will be added to our waiting list. Please call 662-397-1506 or email with any questions or to submit your application. We look forward to hearing from you!

Northpark Townhomes, LLC apartments are managed by Craig Sanders!
At Northpark Townhomes, LLC, we are dedicated to providing quality and affordable apartments and duplexes. We are proud to now offer Coopers Court, featuring brand new units with modern amenities. Our units have an open floor plan and are pet friendly, perfect for any lifestyle.

We are committed to offering our tenants the best living experience possible and accept VENMO payments to make it easier for you. Continue visiting our website to learn more about our properties.

Northpark Townhomes, LLC is proud to present our new apartments.  Our new units boast spacious bedrooms, full bathrooms, and a luxurious kitchen with granite countertops and stainless-steel appliances. What’s more, our units come with a separate laundry room and a large porch, perfect for entertaining. Come and see for yourself what Coopers Court Apartments has to offer and take a tour of our new units.

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105 Bldg 001.JPEG
105 Bldg_edited.jpg
108 Bldg_edited.jpg
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Kitchen 001.jpg
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Bedroom 1.JPEG
Bathroom 001.JPEG
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